KittleMood uniforms

We offer stylish and comfortable uniforms that are designed and sewn according to the needs and wishes of your company and employees.

KittleMood dresses always have pockets that fit everything you need nicely. In addition, they have openable covers to make the dress easy to put on and take off. If necessary, you can wear a shirt or a warmer sweater under the dress.

You can choose the fashion, material, size and other important features of the uniform . We want every wearer to feel stylish and comfortable in our clothes.

KittleMood dresses and other clothing are made of the most skin-, environment- and user-friendly materials possible. We choose fabrics that do not require complicated maintenance and are easy to wash and iron. Many of our dresses straighten out of the washing machine and dry on the hanger, so you don’t even need an iron. All our dresses are machine washable at 30 degrees.

We choose the fabric pattern and composition for your company’s uniforms that is suitable for the interior and business area. We can choose it from those we already have in the assortment, or order a new and more suitable one from the manufacturer. We also have our own artist who can create a truly unique fabric pattern just for your company’s uniforms.

Although gown dresses are our main product, we are happy to sew comfortable and stylish uniforms for men – men ‘s coats, shirts, aprons or bow ties – exactly as needed.

All our clothes are designed and manufactured in Estonia . Sewing takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount. However, if we decide to order a fabric that is not currently in our assortment, it may take 4-5 weeks to complete the order.

For inspiration and to get acquainted with our work, take a look around our website, swing the e-shop , Facebook and Instagram .

If you are interested, contact us today and we will find the most suitable solution for you!

Email us at or call 56 65 55 50.