KittleMood dresses

KittleMood dresses are a joint creation of three women. This journey began with a purely practical need for a feminine, comfortable, timeless dress design to be worn at home, at work, and for leisure. The dress we had in mind had to meet quite a few key conditions. However, we soon realized that the so-called “bicycle” has already been invented – we just needed to revive the once stylish and universal kittle dress!

Pretty soon we designed our first kittle dresses, which were almost pulled off our backs by other kittle admirers. That’s how the new Estonian fashion brand KittleMood was born!

Summer dresses were followed by autumn-winter dresses, and today we have filled the wardrobes and dreams of many with the most comfortable kittle dresses in the world. We do not produce hundreds of dresses in bulk in warehouses. We approach each customer individually, so all of the different dress models are absolutely one of a kind. All our dresses are designed in Estonia and are made by a trusted local seamstress.

If your closet is missing a nice buttoned-down kittle or a stylish wrap-dress, take a closer look around our e-shop and choose your favorite design. All our dress models and different types of fabrics can be combined with each other, so everyone has the opportunity to design a dress that suits their own taste. We also know that every woman is unique, so it is not a problem for us to reduce or increase here and there if our dress measurements are not right for you. However, if you still do not find a suitable dress, be sure to let us know what you would like your dress to look like and we will happily make it for you.

To read more about KittleMood and the three ladies be hind it go to ” Our Stories and Dresses ” and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Dresses that make you feel beautiful!

Kai, Katre and Kristi

KittleMood founders and devoted kittle dress wearers

Why should you choose KittleMood?

  • Our KittleMood dresses are easy to put on and take off without ruining your hair or make-up or taking overly complicated yoga poses.
  • KittleMood dresses are designed with convenient side pockets that hold your lipstick, mobile phone, wallet, keys, and everything else you might need for life.
  • The dresses are all made of natural and comfortable fabric that does not require special care and allows the skin to breathe.
  • The KittleMood dress is a stylish, feminine, and comfortable item of clothing that naturally compliments the wearer and is suitable for any occasion, be it at home, work or leisure.